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The Bay Area has a reputation for being a haven of sustainable lifestyle practices. It is the cradle for the slow food movement and solar energy development reaches far and wide. But it is also the home to pockets of persistent toxic trouble spots, partly as a legacy of past manufacturing activity and partly a result of ongoing business practices.

The persistent toxic hot spots in certain communities has real and detrimental affects on the lives of those who live and raise families there. This story would trace the source of the issue and connect the dots to how people in the adjacent communities are affected.

Two experienced journalists and are partnering to identify and tell the narrative of a specific neglected community in the Bay Area that suffers from this type of pollution and ecological degradation.

We will tell the story via a multimedia package of photography, audio commentary and text reporting, with the goal of creating a rich audio-visual narrative that will give a voice and reveal the lives and challenges of real people who are often reduced to statistics in policy papers.

How will it help?

By showcasing the impacts on human lives of environmental degradation in lower-income and overlooked communities, the general public can make real connections and learn how to tackle the issue.

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