We want to identify a specific school in the SF Bay Area and examine what food they are serving. Our analysis won't be an attempt at "gotcha" journalism, but rather a look at what the realities are within the school cafeterias and the challenges they face. We want to make recommendations for improvement by looking at other succesful school lunch programs.

We are sure every school wants to offer healthy alternatives to their students, but all too often the only options they can scrape together are high in sugar or fats.

The focus will be on a specific school not to scold them, but to find out the constraints, difficulties and potential solutions to this problem.

How will it help?

This piece will:

  • Raise awareness about the problem of healthy food in schools by highlighting where a given school fails to provide healthy food.
  • Bring to light the difficultites a school faces in addressing this problem. What bureaucratic or budgetary constraits do they face?
  • We will highlight potential solutions by comparing a troubled school with schools that have succesfully implemented alternative programs.

The reporter who is hired will produce a step-by-step breakdown of a school's food options. The reporter will track this story for a minimum of two weeks - if not longer.

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