Jeremy Toeman's tip touched on a phenomenon familiar to many Muni commuters trying to get to and from downtown San Francisco: Express buses often are crowded, and Muni runs expresses in a narrow time window around traditional rush hours. But many workers don't work a 9-to-5 shift, and overcrowded buses would seem to indicate that there's more demand than Muni can fill with its existing express service.

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An efficient and pleasant public transit system is essential to any well-functioning city. Commuters must see transit as a reasonable alternative to the private automobile, or car traffic will overwhelm city streets. Businesses depend on easy access to the workplace in order to attract the best employees. And riders, of course, need to get to work and to home in a reasonable amount of time without wanting to pull out their hair. Muni is undertaking a systemwide re-evaluation of its service, and this story could call attention to any needed changes in its express bus service.

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