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@Evelien Vehof, thanks for sending the link, the video was very cool! The language eludes me, but it does seem like they are following a similar path of food waste: from the field to the slaughterhouse to the supermarket to the end consumer. We are interested in how much food waste and food production contributes to climate change, both on local and global levels. Thanks for your interest in my project!
on: The Price of Your Food Isn't What You Pay at the Grocery Store
December 12, 2011
"compassionate and fair"

I would caution you from looking at the company as the most "compassionate and fair" to immigrants; I have read more than one account about Dov Charney preventing the formation of a union. (Google: american apparel anti-union)

How AA deals with hiring is interesting: are they seeking out more Latina women, do they have a diverse workforce? Are they using temporary agencies, or how are they finding applicants? In this economy, how easy or quickly can you replace 1,800 people?

Has Charney lobbied for immigration reform, or donated money to senators who shape immigration legislation? 

Sounds like there is a lot of potential material here. Good luck!

Sarah Terry-Cobo

on: American Apparel's Firings: A Canary in the Immigration Policy Coal Mine.
October 23, 2009

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