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Dsc09373_thumb PITCH: Oakland Police: An inside look at a troubled department January 31, 2012
272.00 of 1,300.00 credits raised
61056391_31343afdc6_0_thumb PITCH: Living for the City Debt October 7, 2010
494.91 of 494.91 credits raised
Batts_1_thumb PITCH: Public Safety Watch: OPD Chief Anthony Batts' plans for tackling Oakland crime in jeopardy. May 18, 2010
522.00 of 522.00 credits raised
Justice-for-oscar-grant_thumb PITCH: Forthcoming Oscar Grant Shooting Report Will Lift Veil on Transit Police Work June 29, 2009
350.00 of 350.00 credits raised
Oaklandshools_thumb PITCH: Oakland Schools Get "Phased" Out January 7, 2009
435.00 of 435.00 credits raised

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